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About Sabina Kocherhans

Sabina Kocherhans – Curriculum Vitae

Progress through freedom

Sabina Kocherhans was born in Sri Lanka and raised in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Her professional background is in advertising, marketing and sales, and it was while training as an advertising manager that she discovered her love of creativity and language. She became familiar with both the agency and the customer sides of the business at an early stage, an experience she still draws on when advising her own customers today.

She inherited her father’s passion for photography and organised her own exhibitions at a young age. By the time she was 20, she had founded her own company, DesignFoto, with which she quickly made a name for herself, specialising in food and fashion. Her early embrace of the freelance approach was surely rooted in her strong motivation to become a decision-maker and key figure in her own right. This drive gave her enormous ability and success, but also became a major opponent.
After hitting a personal low as an entrepreneur and struggling for some time with health problems and personal issues, she decided to make a fresh start. Thanks to her powerful presence, irrepressible willpower and an even greater wealth of experience, it wasn’t long before she tasted success once more. One of the cornerstones of her success has been her positive mental attitude, which has enabled her to keep getting back on her feet and overcome her losses.

Watching Rhonda Byrne’s film, The Secret, was a magical moment that had a huge impact on her life. Sitting in front of the screen, she realised how important a person’s inner mindset is and what they can control with just their mind and the right attitude. With great passion, she then threw herself into years of training in this field.

A few years ago, her path led her to the financial services sector. Here, too, she established herself as a successful customer advisor, and the knowledge she had gained from her studies on mental attitude opened up new dimensions to this work.

Colleagues, managers and directors would always ask her the secrets to her unusually high success rate, eager for any tips or tricks she could offer.

This was when she recognised the huge potential of mental training in terms of personality development, dazzling customers and maximising success in the financial services sector. Her expertise in these areas of the financial services sector seemed wasted where she was, so she founded her own company, SK Coaching, to focus entirely on business training for the financial services sector.

For years now, she has been training innovative people – customer advisers, agents, and general agents at banks and insurance companies – showing them how to open the mental channel to their counterparts and helping them to produce much more successful results. They come away with a better general attitude that does more than just impress their customers – it amazes them. Just like every customer, every consultant has their own individual needs, and SK Coaching adapts its courses accordingly.

Sabina Kocherhans doesn’t look for the problem – she looks for the solution. She loves her job, and her success is the direct result of a deep-seated passion for what she does. This passion is the key to success and self-actualisation.

A person’s mental attitude is at the centre of everything Sabina Kocherhans does. This is reflected in her five main areas of focus:

• Career
• Relationships
• Personal development
• Health/nutrition/fitness
• Freedom/vision/finance

For Sabina Kocherhans, one of the great keys to success is contained in the last of these areas. The key question is, “How do I dazzle my customers?”
You need to get your customers to open up their hearts, to surprise them – to amaze them, even.

After all, an amazed customer is a loyal customer.

As there is little difference between many products and services, especially in the financial services sector, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is by dazzling your customers.