From the breakthrough call to the strategy meeting and business training - Sabina Kocherhans

From the breakthrough call to the strategy meeting and business training

Take advantage of my years of experience in advertising, marketing, sales, and training for financial services providers. This treasure trove of knowledge is available to anyone who is prepared to take unusual routes to success. After all, unusual is often special, and special is the difference between success and failure.

During the breakthrough call and the subsequent strategy meeting – which is entirely tailored to your individual goals as a financial services provider – we will focus on your mental attitude, showing you just how much you can control with the help of your inner mindset.

How effectively can you reach your counterpart? Find out in my fascinating business training course.

Only then will you be ready for the interactive business training course with intensive one-on-one assistance where we will develop a plan for you based on your defined goals and the outcome of your strategy meeting. Discipline and control are the dual pillars of success.

I know the financial services sector inside out, having experienced both the agency side of the sector and the viewpoint of the customer, and I have worked as a customer advisor, manager and coach.

You need to understand your customers from every angles. That’s one of my ten tips for successfully dazzling your customers.

Training can help anyone – anyone who is open to profitable expertise – to grow their business. Sound knowledge offers advantages, and every advantage is extremely important to growth – after all, we all know that the competition never sleeps!

I’d love to share everything I know with you in my business training course. We’ll plan your path in a face-to-face strategy meeting, making sure that everything is tailored entirely to your individual needs as a financial services provider. The main focus is on the mental attitude of the individual.

You’ll be surprised how much you can control through your mental attitude, and how successfully you can reach your counterpart once you’ve completed my training course.

My course is designed as further training for any financial services provider who wants to develop their business and grow it successfully, for anyone who wants to optimise their customer contacts in order to produce profitable results.

Do you share these goals? If so, then I’d love to welcome you to my business training course!