The customer baffler and her 3 top keynotes - Sabina Kocherhans

​​The customer baffler
​and her 3 top keynotes

​First amaze yourself and then your customers

​​​​Mental Mind - everything is nothing without the right mental attitude and the beliefs attached to it. Learn how much one can control with one's inner posture in order to astound oneself first and then one's counterpart.

​Success is no coincidence - success can be planned

​​Successful branding for women - This lecture is about the self-portrayal of business women. How do I design a striking branding with lead image, text and sound that gives me a unique recognition value.

​Customer Amazement Strategies

​How to amaze your customers - instead of just advising them - This presentation is about opening their hearts, surprising them and ultimately inspiring them, because an enthusiastic customer is a loyal customer. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to amaze your customers.

​​At Feminess-Kongress in Hannover (Germany - June, 6th, 2018)